Gene Mercer

Gene mercer

Gene Mercer

Gene Mercer has been in the Mechanical Industry, as a millwright for over fifty years.
He completed the Atlanta Millwright Apprentice Course and became a journeyman millwright in 1965.
He was employed by J.B. Webb of Georgia and traveled throughout the Southeast as a journeyman foreman until 1967. He then joined Southern Machinery Erectors of Atlanta, Georgia as a traveling superintendent until 1970. He was then appointed as Chief Estimator and Sales Representative for the Company. His focus was on food packaging and can and glass manufacturing. In 1973 he opened the Companyís new Sales and Field office in Van Nuys, California. He continued managing both Sales and Field Offices in Georgia and California for the next three years.

In 1976, he left Southern Machinery Erectors and founded his own company, Consolidated Equipment Erectors in Lynchburg, Virginia. He continued to pursue food packaging and beverage and brewery work throughout the United States and turned the Company into a multi-million dollar business. He successfully worked with a substantial number of major U.S. Corporations and continues those relationships today.
In 2004, he sold the business but continued working with the company as a Consultant until 2015, at which time he retired.

In the fall of 2015, he accepted a position with Darana Hybrid Electro-Mechanical Solutions to preside over the Mechanical Division. His direct focus is to obtain and increase business in the food and beverage industries as well as directing and overseeing the field work. He is pleased to be partnered with Darana Hybrid to provide his years of experience and knowledge of quality workmanship to the company.

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