RetroFlex systems are intended to be retrofitted around ANY new or existing poles you may have. It is a tremendous value add to LED lighting and the most advanced and lowest cost solution on the market today. Best of all, it looks great!

Our green energy solutions will provide significant savings to any project while offering the most advanced technology in the market. Below are some key benefits that we would like to share with you that we are finding to be the most important to our customers.

Savings– No electric bills from Day 1 for the city/county, 10 yrs maintenance free system, and less expensive on the front end for Darana than putting in conventional infrastructure.
Safety– Deter crime and provide security by having proper lights.
Sustainability and Resiliency– Lights up when grid goes down.

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In the U.S. to date there are over 100+ Cities, Universities, Utilities, and Co-ops. An approved vendor for FIFA World Cup 2022.

Custom Solar Solutions

  • Cost Savings, energy at reduced fixed prices
  • Solar investment tax credits
  • Save even more through rebate programs
  • Commercial & Industrial Solutions
  • Renewable Energy installations
  • Solar Electric Power Generation

We Make it Happen with Solar Energy

  • Solar panels contain solar cells with semiconductors converting light into electrical energy
  • Direct current (DC) electricity is routed to an inverter
  • Inverters convert electricity into alternating current (AC)
  • Meters measure the amount of electrical energy produced by the panel
  • Electricity goes through the utility grid